3 Packing Supplies You Should Get Before You Start Packing


If you are going to move, you want to make sure that you have everything you need to start packing ahead of time. You don't want to wait until the last days before you move to start packing and you don't want to start packing and find out that you don't have what you need in order to keep packing. 

Packing Tape

When it comes to packing tape, you want to get more than you think you are going to need. That way, if you misplace a roll or you have to reinforce all your boxes, you have the tape ready to go. When you are buying your packing tape, make sure that you get at least one dispenser. If there is going to be more than one person packing, make sure that you have dispensers for everyone. The dispensers will make it a lot easier for you to tape the boxes since it has a cutting surface so you don't have to try to track down a pair of scissors. It also makes it harder to lose the tape, since the dispenser is bigger than just a roll of tape. 

Fragile Stickers

You probably have several fragile things like your glasses and plates. You don't want to get to your new house and find that all of your fragile objects are broken. Getting fragile stickers that you can put on the boxes can help make it less likely that those things are going to get broken. Since they are usually a bright color, it's harder to miss them because they attract the eye. When you put the stickers on the box, make sure that you put one on the top as well as all the sides. You may also want to get some stickers that say this side up to go with your fragile stickers so that you can be sure those boxes aren't going to be accidentally up-ended. 

Packing Material

You are also going to make sure that you have packing material. There are all kinds of packing material that you can choose to use from. You will want something like tissue paper to put in between your plates and bowls as well as something like crumpled paper or peanuts to put in the box to make sure the plates and dishes don't move around. 

Moving can be stressful. Making sure that you have the packing supplies you need before you start packing will make your life easier. Talk to local moving companies for more tips.


24 March 2017

Tips for Stress-free and Enjoyable Relocations

When I entered my career field after college, I was happy to find a job relatively quickly. The job I landed was local, but after just a few months, my company asked me to relocate to a new state. Although I was happy to move to a new place where my company needed me, I realized just how stressful making a quick move can be! My company has since asked me to relocate twice, and thankfully, I now have the moving process down to a science and enjoy sharing my moving tips with others who need advice. While moving can be stressful, that stress can be kept to a minimum by creating a step-by-step moving plan and tackling every step carefully. I plan to share many more moving tips on my new blog, and I hope I can help you make your next move stress-free and even enjoyable!