Four Tips To Make Your Next Move As Quick As It Can Be


Moving can be a very difficult task to accomplish in a short period of time. If you have found out that you have to move out of your home right away, it is important to do everything in your power to make the move go as quickly as possible. The following guide provides you with valuable tips to use to make moving day go as smoothly as it can.

Don't Unpack Your Drawers

Emptying drawers and packing the contents into boxes can take up a lot of time. You will need to pack the boxes, tape the boxes shut, and label them so you know what is packed into each one. Instead, simply take the drawers out of the dresser or desk and wrap plastic wrap around the drawers to keep the items inside of the drawers during the move.

Keep Your Clothes on the Hangers

Instead of removing clothes from the hangers and folding them to store in boxes, simply lay the hung clothes on your bed while they are still on the hangers. Use a rubber band to secure multiple hangers together and then slip a trash bag over the clothes to keep them protected during the move. When you arrive at your new home, you can easily hang the clothes directly into the closet to save time.

Take Large Pieces of Furniture Apart

Take the time to look at large pieces of furniture, such as your kitchen table, to determine how it is put together. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the legs from the table to make moving it easier. You can take apart chairs, tables, and even mirrors apart from dressers to ensure they are as easy to move as possible.

Slide Heavy Furniture

To make moving furniture easier, place something slippery under each leg of the piece of furniture. Lids from jars with the smooth side facing the ground, plastic plates, or even the lids of plastic storage containers can be used under the legs. You can then push the furniture across the floor so that you do not have to lift the furniture until absolutely necessary.

These simple tips should make moving quickly easier. You will need the help from friends and family to lift heavier items and to pack a moving truck as quickly as you possibly can. If you do not have anyone locally who can help you move, you can hire a moving company to move the items for you. Prepare your items before they arrive to make the move go quickly.


13 April 2016

Tips for Stress-free and Enjoyable Relocations

When I entered my career field after college, I was happy to find a job relatively quickly. The job I landed was local, but after just a few months, my company asked me to relocate to a new state. Although I was happy to move to a new place where my company needed me, I realized just how stressful making a quick move can be! My company has since asked me to relocate twice, and thankfully, I now have the moving process down to a science and enjoy sharing my moving tips with others who need advice. While moving can be stressful, that stress can be kept to a minimum by creating a step-by-step moving plan and tackling every step carefully. I plan to share many more moving tips on my new blog, and I hope I can help you make your next move stress-free and even enjoyable!